What My Little Pony Character Are You?

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Idk what to do here this is my first quiz, so... basically this is for MLP fans to find out which character you are. There's a total of six different results you can get.

Do you want to know what Pony really suits you? Well find out in this quiz! (Sorry bronies I am not against you but this quiz is girls only.) Also I'm watching SpongeBob XD?

Created by: amazon
  1. Ok first question, if you had a mane what color would it be?
  2. Ok next question, if you had a pet what would it be?
  3. Next question! What cutie mark would you prefer?
  4. What is your dream job? (Which would you prefer?)
  5. Which one of these do you mostly represent?
  6. What color do you prefer?
  7. What would your mane be like if you had one?
  8. What do you like to do in you free time?
  9. Who is your favorite pony? (Will not effect you answer)
  10. This will not effect your answer. Did you like Equestria Girls?
  11. (Will effect answer) What type of pony would you be?
  12. Do you accessorize?
  13. Last question, what do you wear?

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Quiz topic: What My Little Pony Character am I?