Where should you go this summer?

Summer is almost here, which means no school for many weeks! Most of you will be going on holiday this year, and a few of you are going abroad to a differet culture... but what luxorious holiday would be best for you?

Take this quiz, and see where you should go on holiday? Do you like Warm, hot countries like Greece, or a more colder city like Paris? Answer 12 questions all based on a perfect place, for your perfect holiday!

Created by: amazon
  1. What would you like the climate to be? Warm, cold or in between?
  2. Would you love looking at famous landmarks such as Statues, Big Ben or the Eiffel tower?
  3. Would you love to be in large, over-populated cities, or quiet, peaceful places?
  4. What type of beach would you love to be in?
  5. What would be the perfect holiday plan?
  6. What type of food do you like?
  7. Do you love to go shopping for clothes, makeup and shoes? If not, do you like to go to shops just to look around?
  8. What would be your perfect holiday home?
  9. Do you like theme parks? Which one would you really like to go to?
  10. Which is better? Islands or Cities
  11. Which is better? Islands or Cities

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Quiz topic: Where should I go this summer?