ThE rAnDoM QuIz

well i am a random person so i decide to take this for concideration. its summer. stay safe be happy and dont get on drugs.. now go have SUMMER FUN!!!

i hate nikki minaj i hate aome kids from my school i hate chicken i hate being too full i hate being too hungry i hate call me maybe i hate lots of things

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. what should i do.. the monkey ate my pants
  2. does anyone know how to teach a dragon to dance?
  3. im going on a gameshow, its called "you cant win" im gonna win!
  4. me:shut up ana and sit down you are making too muck noise i cant hear the music sorry my sister was singing the gummybear song
  5. i have the weiredest family ever .. we have the hardest games of truth or dare.. i just played a game and i had to bite my sisters but and bite her toe.. luckily we just showered
  6. oh and about that i really did eat but for some reason i dont really eat chicken much..
  7. eat my shorts cookie monster!
  8. my boogers taste like noodles
  9. cupcakes are just a ugly cake
  10. the color green scares me. soif i see somthing green i shoot it
  11. im not joking but once i was watching tv and it was talking about how these guys got a gorilla high and they got it on video

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