Beach House Summer

Your a Junior highschool student(get over it)Your rich parents let you stay at you cousins house in Florida you live in Beverley Hills you have 2 dogs named Dot and CoCo a maltese and another maltese. Your friend was supposed to stay with you but had to leave.

So now your stuck in a house with 3 guys yur cousin and a girl named Brooke Boooke wasnt in this but shes gonna be in 2 all the boys except for Blake seem like they hate your guts for no reason looks like youll have to figure out why Jaden has Brown eyes and blond hair Casey has Green eyes and brown hair Blake has Purple eyes and red and black hair

Created by: JustPlayItOff

  1. First day of summer you and your friend Aleah are going to stay at your cousins beach house in Florida(Your family is filthy rich).You go to the airport board in First class and get off in the next 2 hours. Your cousin Cynthia hugs both of you and you check your bags out and go to the beach house.
  2. Cynthia parks her midnight purple Mustang and you guys go in.Its 3 stories high has a pool,tennis court,volleyball court,and garden and thats just the outside. You look around and your cousins say you can pick any room you want.There are 6 bedrooms and a bathroom in each.You 2 look at the doors of the rooms and see names.Blake,Casey,and Jaden.
  3. You knock on Jadens door.No one answers so you open it.The walls ae all black and there are posters of screamo bands and rock bands on the wall and you see someone laying on the floor. Aleah says "Helloooo." Jaden gets up and stares at you.
  4. Um sorry you say and walk out.You go to Caseys door and knock. Someone opens the door. Its a boy with Jade green eyes and brown hair."Casey right" you say akwardly "Yes" he says "You are" he says with an atitude "Just leaving" you grab her arm and keep walking. You look at her and she shrugs. You knock on Blakes door and someone says come in.
  5. A boy with bright purple eyes and red hair with black streaks looks up at you 2. "Oh hey ____ right "He says "Um yeah" you stutter "And Aleah right nice to meet you 2" he says " You too" you say then close the door and walk away. You and Aleah go different ways and pick your rooms. Your room is painted like the ocean floor with a Blue Canopy King sized bed. The bathroom is white and blue with two bath tubs and other stuff.Theres a walk-in closet filled with your favorite clothes from...
  6. You take a shower then fall asleep.Next morning you wake up to yeling you throw on an outfit and crack open the door. You see Blake and Jaden yelling. You put your ear out the door and hear them saying "But you ate the last piece of bacon"" Your point is" You silently walk out.Jaden sees you and goes back into his room To yourself you say...
  7. You got to Aleahs room and see her packing her things.She says she has to go take of her sick grandmother and leaves.You go the kitchen and eat what
  8. Blake comes down and sits next to you and smiles. You smile back and he says "Your really pretty" He leaned next to you and kissed you on the cheek you blushed .Then you noticed through the corner of your eye Casey staring at you and Blake. He came over to you and pushed you and punched Blake the they started to fight then Blake started beating up Casey like crazy Blake got up and started staring at Casey who was laying on the floor in pain. He took your hand and led you to the wall by the garden and you 2 sat down. He took your hand and said "Casey likes you but doesnt want anyone else to like you so gets a bit angry sometimes "A bit" you say You 2 both laugh. Blake leans over to you and kisses you all of sudden.....
  9. Well im out of ideas so wait for part 2
  10. Fave color

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