Our Summer Begins

Our Summer Begins is a story about your independent summer. No parents, and no place you're supposed to be except the beach!! What more could a teenage girl ask for?

A lot, apparently, when you run into a few boys who would do just about anything to be called your boyfriend. When they all collide, things can get nasty pretty quick. Will you survive your summer? Beware this is just the beginning.

Created by: Dolphin13

  1. So Our Summer Begins with the last day of school. "Hey _______!" You here someone yell. You turn around to find your best friend standing in the crowded hallway coming towards you. Ethan, you guys haven't known each other forever but once you did you two were practically glued to each other. He has dark blonde hair with warming brown eyes that can speak a thousand words with one look. He catches up to you, with his hair a mess. "What's up," you ask. "Nothing much just being trambled by our fellow classmates while trying to leave this horror chamber," he answers with the cornyest British accent ever. You both burst out laughing. this is why your friends, because he can make anything into a joke. "What are you doing over the summer," he asks as you two stop at your locker. "Oh my parents are dropping me and my cousins off at my grandma's beach house for the entire summer. My grandma's been in the hospital and they would feel better if someone's there. Plus both my cousins are of legal age to take care of me." "That sounds awesome! Wait which beach?" "Dolley's Beach, why," you answer. "My sleepaway camp was moved over there." "Awesome we can hang out all summer."
  2. You guys walk out to the carpool area to go home and pack. You say your final goodbyes to all of your friends. And Ethan tells you he'll text you when you guys can meet each other in town. You see your other friends whispering while he gives you a hug, and think 'oh not again.' But you end up not caring what they think, about you and Ethan. If they expect us to go out thats their problem. You hop into your car waving goodbye to all of your friends, and then your off to the beach.
  3. *@beach* You just woke up from the long drive to the beach and you had unpacked last night in your favorite room! Which is...
  4. You decide to take a walk up to the beach and put your feet in the water. As your walking you look around at all the tourists and your reminded how much you hate tourist season. They constantly get lost and ask for directions, then they crowd any place they can find and to top it all of they make all the shops increase their prices. Only one store doesn't increase their prices, and that is your favorite clothing store "Shop 'til you Drop." You've been going there since forever and the owner is super nice and always has just what your looking for. So you decide a short detour wouldn't kill anyone.
  5. You walk in and the bell rings, the place is crowded, "tourists," you mutter with a matching eye roll. You walk up to the front desk to talk to Lucy, the owner, and see whats new. "Hello? Lucy you there?" you yell. Then this blonde, deep ocean blue eyes, guy about your age comes up.
  6. "Hey, do you know where Lucy is," you ask him. "No but I wish I did, who are you?" "My name's ______. Do you work here?" "Kind of. My name's Jacob. You must be a regular can you help me? Please mom left me in charge and I don't know where she went." Wait 'mom.' He must be her son she's always talking about. "I guess I could stay for a little while." "Great, what did you say your name was again? She keeps a list of people I can ask to help." "_______ _ _ _ _ _ _ (spell out your first name)" "______? Oh cool your on the list!" *Ding* "Can I have some help checking out?"
  7. "Coming," you yell. You walk over to the cash register with Jacob behind you. As your ringing the lady up your showing Jacob how to work the cash register. You two work like this until the store has calmed down and you guys start playing questions. "So, how did you get to know so much about my mom's store?" "Well, whenever I came here, she was the only one who would have a decent conversation with a tourist and she began showing me around the more I came, especially over off season." "Wow that's amazing," he said with a smile. "So how much do you know about my town?" "Nahah it's my turn," you said.
  8. "Ok shoot." Hmmmm what to ask."Before I ask let me just go over what you've already answered. Your an only child, it's just you and your mom, you've lived here all your life and you have alot of close friends...and.." "and I don't have a girlfriend." "Right..... I think that one you slightly over emphasised." He blushes but you keep going and pretend not to notice. "What was your first impression of me?" "Hmmmm, that's a good question. I've actually seen you here once before. I was with my friends and you were at the local ice cream shop down the street.." God, I thought I regonized you.
  9. "My friends and I had gotten a lot of ice cream and you had just walked out of the shop, and one of my friends were dared to ask you out." God I never wanted to hear this story again. "You turned him down, you were the first girl to ever to do that. He was really upset and they shouted.." "Hey baby, over here," you say in a mocking voice. There's an awkward pause. But he continues. "And they all through the ice cream we had at you. I was the guy who came over after they left with a towel and said..." "Sorry about that they can be real jerks when it comes to girls. If I were you I'd start walking in case they come back,"
  10. "So you remember me," he says. "Why didn't you say anything?" "It was kind of a memory I wanted to forget. My grandma's a clean freak. I had to take five outdoor showers with all my clothes on before I was allowed another towel, and I had to change in the garage and wait until I was completely dry to be let inside." "I'm so sorry," he says. "It's ok, we were all kind of little. I just didn't want to bring it up. What was your question again?" He almost instantly blushes a deep red. "Oh it doesn't really matter anymore," he says. " Oh yes it does, how am I supposed to answer it if you don't tell me." "Well it was just my cheesy way of asking you out." Yeah it was kind of cheesy, but sweet. "Well I have been trying to go to the beach all day, and it's around dinner time, and I do believe the store is closed." "So is that a yes," he asks. "Why not," you say. "Perfect, I'll go get my stuff from the office and the keys be right back," he says as he runs towards the office.
  11. *On Boardwalk* "So I know the best Pizza Place in the whole wide world! Do you like pizza," Jacob asks. "Yes I do, and let me guess you're thinking of 'Double P with Cheese' or whatever its really called." "You know the special name for it! You have no idea how happy that makes me." As you two walk in you here "Yo, Jacob over here! We thought you'd show up!" Both of you turn at the same time, and you see his friends, 'oh the joy.' Almost instintively Jacob puts his arm around you. "Hey our little Jacob has a date! We were going to offer him free food since my dad owns the place but I'm not sure he wants to hang with his friends now that he has a girl!" He was right they are jerks when it comes to girls. "Especially now that they've raised the prices," his friends taunt. Jacob freezes, and checks the new prices, they're really expensive. Stupid tourists. Then he checks his wallet and gets really worried. "We can sit with them if you want," you say to him. You kind of forgot your wallet too. "Are you sure," he asks. "Yeah," you answer "it's not like they'd remember me and I forgot my walllet." He seems unsure but you two go over anyways.
  12. "Ah, the young lad Jacob decided to grace us with his precense and join our fine banquet this evening!" "Dude, are you ok," one of his friends asked the owner's son. Oh gosh these guys are wierd. "Oh gosh. Alright ______, this is Derek, the fine man paying for the meal, Fred, George, and Jerk," Jacob tells you. "Actually it's, James," James says while trying to look appealing. "Jerk describes your personality better." Everyone laughs and James tosses a roll, that lands on Fred's face. "I guess manners are out of the option," Jacob whispers into your ear.
  13. As the two of you sit down James says, "So how long have you been dating? Or is this a pity date to get him to stop begging you?" "Pity definitely," george says. "She's not even a local! I bet he just picked her up while she's in town." You look at Jacob and it looks like he's about to explode with anger, which would probably please his friends. You take his hand which calms him down. "This is our first date but we've none each other for awhile," you say. Out of the corner of your eye you can see his worried expression but you keep talking. "I was wondering why you looked familiar," Fred said. "Yeah you kind of do. Maybe we pulled a prank on her." Oh God not this.
  14. "We did. Didn't we," Jason said in such a confident way I knew there was no denying it. He retold the story to Fred, Derek and George who eventually caught on. I looked at Jacob. He was a nervous wreck, making me instantly expect the worst. "Oh look at the time me and ______ have to go! Thanks for dinner," Jacob said as he got up entirely to fast. "Oh it's ashame we couldn't catch up, ______. Next time okay," James said in such a sly, condesending voice I felt like I was talking to an evil villan out of a Disney movie. We walked out of the door, and I instantly felt the cool summer night air. "That was a close one," Jacob whispered softly into my ear a little too close for comfort. "_______? Is that you?" I know that voice....
  15. I know exactly who it is and turn around to come face to face with them. "Ethan I thought you were going to text me when you got here." He's with a bunch of guys you assume are from camp. " No I was going to text you when I could hang out, tonight's guys night I thought you'd be bored. Whose this?" I turn around, "Jacob," I almost forgot he was there. "______? Can I talk to you," Ethan says. "I'd like to talk to you too," Jacob says.
  16. "_____. I thought we had something here," Ethan says. "Ethan how was I supposed to know that if we've only been friends?" "Yeah, and besides she went on a date with me," Jacob says. Oh god this really isn't going well. At least it's a private conversation. Ethan and Jacob go back and forth it seems as if there is no stopping them. Then you all hear a loud, ear piercing whistle. I turn and find the whistler was a really cute guy.
  17. He has midnight black hair and piercing green eyes that you could just die in! Not that I like him or anything, I've got enough drama. "Dude, what the heck," Ethan yells, he is already pretty angry. "Yeah that was uncalled for," Jacob chimes in. "What do you two think are doing? Fighting over this girl," the stranger said motioning to me, "Won't make her like you more than she does." Whoa he's sweet too! "Who are you anyways," Jacob asks. "The names Ben."
  18. "Well Ben, me and 'this girl,' as you put it have a thing going on so if you excuse us..." Ethan said being way to overprotective,and what thing he wouldn't even call me! What an overprotective jerk! "Whoa, what 'thing' she was on a date with me!" they started bickering again! I looked over at Ben who wasn't sure what to do with the two babies. Then I heard a voice yell "Just shut up! I hate you both!" I looked up at the stares I was receiving and figured out it was my own.

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