the harry potter biggest fans quiz

there are true witches and wizards in the magic world . you have to be brave and fight with a clever mind your friends will help you on your way you need to stay focused for whats coming your way

are you a genius,we will soon find out once you have taken the quiz , test your mind and see how big of a fan you are! take the3 quiz enjoy it and see if you can get to 100%

Created by: amazon

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  1. after mad eye moody dies what does hermione say he would of said if he were still alive
  2. who told harry that if you said the name voldemort it was easy to track down order members?
  3. what words did ron say came out of his deluminator
  4. in harrys first year what was in gringotts vault 713
  5. what 2 children stories did hermione say her and harry heard when they were little
  6. who is the first to die in harry potter and the deathly hallows
  7. how many times does harry fail to catch the golden snitch
  8. who does harry take to slughorn's christmas party
  9. who made the unbreakable vow with severus snape
  10. what happens if you break an unbreakle vow
  11. who does ron start dating in his sixth year
  12. what is dumbledore's patronus
  13. how many middle names does dumbledore have
  14. what words appear on the golden snitch that harry ever caught
  15. what is hermione's middle name
  16. how many weasleys are there

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