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you are true genuses but i dont want to write this so im going to type till the end of it ok so godbye this is not so dumb of a quiz so that means that it was harder to make

goddbye and hope that you liked my quiz and i dont want to type this eitherbut i have to so if the quiz was hard please write a comment and if it wasnt tell me

Created by: amazon
  1. what was the stonehenge made for
  2. what is the smartest dinosaur
  3. what is the gemstone for the month of the libra
  4. what is the traditional religion of japan
  5. what is the element for the atomic number 51
  6. what are gt and mongoose
  7. what does the capital one commercial always ask
  8. what was the names of the two people who escaped the jail on the island of crete by making wings of bird feathers thread and wax
  9. x+18=54(find for x)
  10. what does the dove hold in its mouth to symbol peace and land
  11. what color is green
  12. what greek god stands in the parthenon
  13. which painting made da vinci famous
  14. what was the roman name for the greek god zeus
  15. what water animal has not evolved since caveman ages
  16. what is the name of the largest lizard
  17. what does ambidextrous mean
  18. what types of angels stand at gods side
  19. does rubber come from a rubber tree
  20. on a leap year do you skip a day or add a day

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