Are you a true friend???

some people in this world are true friends, but maybe some are not. everyone has a different reputation and personality. even expectations. everyone has to have a friend.

Are you a TRUE FRIEND??? do you know if you are??? if you want, take this quiz... but make sure when your done with this quiz, PLEASE COMMENT, I would love to hear about what you think about this quiz

Created by: amazon

  1. Do you always hang out with your friend???
  2. Do you get presents for your friend(s)???
  3. Do you cheer your friend(s) when they are sad???
  4. If your friend(s) was in a fight, what would you do???
  5. If your friend(s) was injured some how, what would you do???
  6. If you had candy or something with you to eat and your friend wanted some, what would you say???
  7. If your friend(s) wanted to come over to your house, what would you say
  8. Do you stay in touch with your friend(s) on any electronic device???
  9. If your friend really needed you to do something for her/him because they were really busy or for some other reason, what would you say??
  10. ok, last question, if your friend(s) did not want to be friends with you anymore, what would you say???

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Quiz topic: Am I a true friend???