you think you're my friend?

Khelan has many acquaitances, but few true friends. A true friend, afterall, is quite exceptional. They know her in and out. They know how she thinks and what she thinks. They know what she loves, what she hates. They know her.

Are you a true friend of Khelan? You used to be? Do you even know who she is? Or is luck on your side? After taking this quiz, you'll no longer have to wonder!

Created by: khelan

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  1. Where have I lived? And in what order?
  2. My first job was doing what?
  3. If I could wear anything right now, what would i choose?
  4. If I could do anything right now, what would i choose?
  5. My daily make-up regimen consists of?
  6. My favorite course in high school was?
  7. If I could eat anything right now, what would i choose?
  8. A fire breaks out in my room. What is the first thing I grab?
  9. My ideal concert would include all of the following except?
  10. Lastly, if I could have a gift card to any store in the entire world, what store would it be for?

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