how well do you know jessie?

people think they know some shows but do you really know everything?they probably just guess and/or see some episodes.If you a are a know it all in shows ,well what can i say . just keep watching

do you know Jessie. in this quiz you'll find out if you know much about it.I know most of the stuff but this is for you.So good luck and try to remember.

Created by: amazon

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  1. whats Jessie's dream job
  2. how many kids does jessie watch over
  3. What are the names of the children's parents
  4. who is the butler?
  5. where does the show take place
  6. who is the weird officer in the show?
  7. what is the name of Zuri's imaginary friend?
  8. What movie does morgan direct?
  9. what child is from india?
  10. who was NOT adapted?
  11. Which of the kids are the smartest
  12. Last question: What shows had a cross over with jessie

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Quiz topic: How well do I know jessie?