which charatcer are you (Jessie)

This "Which character are you?" quiz is about the characters of . You get to take this quiz an find out which character you are! How COOL is THAT?! Amazing! So go ahead, get off the couch, stop reading this, and go!

There are many Jessie fans out there who like being her but some don't. The show is amazing and fun to watch and plz take this quiz cuz it's fun and cool. Are YOU one of the Ross's, Bertram or Jessie?? You hope you're the one you want to be??? You wanna have a little fun?

Created by: charlice and briana

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Go to a party or stay home
  2. Go to a party or stay home
  3. If your pet ran away what would you do
  4. Do you still play with stuff animals ETC.
  5. Whats your fave kind of music
  6. What style do you go for (clothing)
  7. what are your fave colors
  8. When you have homework what do you do
  9. When you are hungry what do you do
  10. are you a playful person or lazy

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Quiz topic: Which charatcer am I (Jessie)