What kind of prom dress would be good for u?

Hope you enjoyed my test and got the dress u wanted sorry no pics but if u look it up on google images you will probably find your dream dress. Now I'm going to just type random things. Cheese frogs blonde brown blue pink

Chess match fat Amy Doug bumper Alexis Pb sandwich I'm hungry no I'm not lol lol lol I'm bored wanna get this test done and talk to my Boyfriend kill

Created by: amazon
  1. What do u normally wear to schOol?
  2. What shoes do u normally wear places?
  3. Do u have a pet?
  4. What is your fav thing to do in ur free time?
  5. Is your family rich?
  6. Do u get spoiled by lots of people?
  7. How many times do u get ur nails done by professionals?
  8. What is your height and weight?
  9. What is your height and weight?
  10. Are u going to the prom with...
  11. What kind of music do u want to dance too?
  12. Choose 1 cuz im definitely not tricking u 
  13. Did u like this test?
  14. Do u think you'll get a beautiful dress
  15. BYE!!!!

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