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  • Excuse me? Twilight and 1D? I don't think so. Lame dress? Well, I don't really care about the dress. If you see me wearing a dress, it better be prom or my wedding day because jeans and sweatshirts are my friends. My dress would be a short, black, silk one with a litte tulle underneath. I would wear my black Converse sneakers, my hair down and straight, and very minimal makeup. I don't have time for makeup. I do that to not stand out. The background is my best friend. Watching people is more fun than me having fun.

  • Well, you're mean. Here's what I'm thinking of wearing, actually:

    A tutu-like short strapless dress with a tutu skirt under it to make it very full, my haur down, dyed blue and teased to the max, lots of bracelets but not so many so I can't dance.

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Please don't be rude just because you're insecure.

    Regards, Killjoy

  • "You are the nerdy type you have no one to go with even tho it was dream u would go with the twilight cast or some 1D singer. well your dream isn't going to come true sorry. But you will get like a strapped lame dress with your choice of legnth and color. have fun with no one sorry."

    What the heck? Judgmental much? God, if you want to be that mean then of course you would expect a low rating like 1.68.

    *Sarcasm* Thanks. You know, I'd see your prom day with a puke green SUPER long dress with baggy sleeves and your hair a mess. Same with your wedding day, well you know, if you ever get married..

  • Seriously a lame dress? Who are you?! Sharpay!? Is daddy going to give you everything you want in life? You are really judge mental and rude and totally going to end up with nobody I you keep that awesomeness up! Get a life

  • I don't skateboard! I don't go to a skateboard park or whatever. I have an ex-boyfriend and it's really complicated between us. I got some neckline dress. Short or long and any colour? Right. To be honest, don't take this the wrong way but, your scores are not accurate!

    ~ All_Lovers

  • Excuse me?! I'm a loner who's dream is to go with twilight or 1D?! I HATE 1D (no offence). I also do not like twilight! And really? A lame strapped dress?! Thanks (says sarcastically). I have friends just so you know! -.-

    Luna Siren

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