Are you my type?

Very good!so you're taking this quiz to find that you're like me or not you may be me or may not. being like me is great because I enjoy it myself!haha!

Oh but you may not be like me!so you're yourself!yes it's good to be yourself but being like me is just very perfect and awesome!hope you won't be me!just joking!!

Created by: amazon

  1. You are:
  2. You enter a room full of people what do you do?
  3. There are three boxes in front of you one is full of chocolate and one is full of jelly gums and the other has jelly beans you choose:
  4. There are three doors in front of you you choose:
  5. You are grounded and you should stay in your room what do you do?
  6. You are very tired and your teacher says that you have an exam tomorrow you:
  7. Your favorite subject in school is/was?
  8. Somebody walks in to you and says help me!you:
  9. Left or right?
  10. Your favorite type of books are?
  11. Will you rate or comment?
  12. 4 or 5?

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Quiz topic: Am I my type?