This is a quiz for CAM presentations. It is not timed. Hopefully, includes most important points of 20-odd presentations from grape seed to cat's claw.

Choose the best answer. please make sure to review the reason, if available. thanks for taking my quiz and good luck on tomorrow's exam. See you tomorrow!

Created by: shereef
  1. What is an adverse effect to Grape seed extract
  2. horse chestnut should be used cautiously in patients with
  3. notable adverse effects of golden seal include all of the following except
  4. Chelation therapy is FDA approved for
  5. Milk thistle is possibly effective for all of the following conditions except
  6. All of the following conditions have cautious flags for using milk thistle along with their reason, except
  7. Peppermint oil can be used for all of the following conditions except
  8. To treat burning from pepperment oil, the most appropriate first step is
  9. Which of the following conditions necessitate cautious use or stoppage of SAMe?
  10. Which of the following is true about dandelion use?
  11. Which of the following immunomodulatory properties is true of astralgus?
  12. Astralgus should be used cautiously or avoided in a hypertensive person
  13. Flaxseed has the following properties on cholesterol
  14. Flaxseed is used for all of the following purposes except
  15. Flaxseed may have estrogenic effects
  16. Recommended lactobacillus for those on antibiotics is
  17. Because leutine is used to treat eye disorders like age-related macular degeneration and cataracts, it should be combined with beta-carotine from carrots to enhance effect
  18. Which of the following describes correct use of elderberry?
  19. There is no concern with hormone-sensitive cancer regarding red clover use, as the risks have not been demonstrated in studies.
  20. It is okay for a person with a pacemaker to use copper bracelets or magnet therapy.
  21. Reiki involves
  22. why is mistle toe contraindicated in pregnancy?
  23. Ayervedic medicine exclusively involves
  24. Bilberry is possibly effective in treating
  25. Several studies have shown that magnet therapy may be useful in healing fractures of the tibia, metatarsal and scaphoid bones
  26. mate
  27. Olive leaf has a hyperglycemic effect, so it should be avoided in diabetics
  28. cat's claw is mainly an inhibitor of
  29. circle the right match for avoiding cat's claw and reason

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