Are you REALLY his type?

Well,I made this quiz so us ladies (and some guys) can tell if a guy is ACTUALLY interested.He'll ya know touch you hug you etc etc he will actually make and effort.Some girls/guys just want to know if their the persons type and it is hard to tell.

Are you HIS type?? Hmmm find out now when taking this quiz.Answer honestly so it'll be more accurate lying is NOT advisable.Find love is BEAUTIFUL don't be afraid its just 12-13 questions.

Created by: MonsterKisses

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he have a cute nickname for you? Even if it's just a "Friendly" thing?
  2. How Often Do You Two Hang out?(Alone..)
  3. Has he introduced you to his mother?
  4. How often does he find an excuse to (touch) you? Like ya know (hug,to love hair from your face,hold hands etc etc)
  5. Are you liking my quiz so far?
  6. How much do you know about him?(Just in general)
  7. Does he have a girlfriend???/Boyfriend?
  8. Does he have your number?if so does he text/call you often? Especially at night?
  9. Two more questions: Are you confident?
  10. Last question:How often do you take showers? And do you smoke?
  11. Does he smoke?(I lied on the last question xD)

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY his type?