A Perfect Guy Match Your Personality (Welcome Ladies!)

Do you really know which kind of guys do your type is? People would ever say this is my type! No! No one ever understand which is yours because people who see you only can say it for you. They have seen what kind of man you are always have been along together.

Now let my quiz test you to see either you have a high standard or just ordinary kind taste in man. Don't take this too seriously because this just for fun. But this total accurated,if you are not satisfied with the answer may be you are not honest with your heart. Answer it with your heart and you'll find the answer truthfully. Enjoy ladies!

Created by: CnBlue Lover
  1. Which one of this jobs preference more into you?
  2. What songs of these is part your soul?
  3. What the first thing mostly attracted you to the guys make you say 'wow!'?
  4. Today is his birthday! What gift do you have prepared for him?
  5. Which one of this love phrase you like he would say to you?
  6. Do you really know his favourite colour? Guess now for sure if he was your type.
  7. You was seeing him to be walking with another girls&without knowing that is her little sister...and you?
  8. Which of this things was your best choices?
  9. What is your hobby?
  10. Seriously what is your choices with the below cartoon character?
  11. Do you enjoy my quiz enough?
  12. You are now about to go for the result. Are you ready?

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Quiz topic: A Perfect Guy Match my Personality (Welcome Ladies!)