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  • what rank would you be in a wolf pack
    Your Result: omega

    you are the omega, the lowest in rank. the others take care of you and pertect you. if you are a male your name is juke and if you are a female your name is fallin

    56%pup female

    53%middel rank

    48%pup male


    18%alpha female

    11%alpha male

    11%alpha male


    OmegaWolf9 Nov 15 '12, 1:48AM
  • Well Beta I guess but If I made the quiz I'd aim my answers more on alpha for me and others who picked my answers. =)

    AlayaWolf Nov 14 '12, 10:26PM
  • Alpha female, It is because if i was a wolf i would go and hunt with the pack.

    puppals1 Nov 14 '12, 7:28PM
  • errec? Don't you mean Eric? Or Erik?

    pikachew Nov 14 '12, 5:55PM

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