Harry Potter Quiz!

Do you Like Harry Potter? are you obsessed with the books? would you like to know some facts about the movies? then take this quiz and you will enter a world of facts from the world of Harry Potter!

do you like the movies of Harry Potter? would you like to know random facts about this awesome series? then take this quiz and test your brain, to see if you can beat you own best score!

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  1. what was the first movie Luna Lovegood appeared in?
  2. in What movie did Harry and Ginny kiss for the first time?
  3. in which movie did Remus Lupin die?
  4. in which movie did Ron get a new wand after breaking his.
  5. in which movie did Ron and Hermione become prefects?
  6. in what year did JK Rowling publish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
  7. who killed Sirius Black?
  8. who killed Albus Dumbldore?
  9. was Severus Snape a Halfblood?
  10. is Lord Valdemort an Animagus?
  11. what house was Harry originally going to be sorted into?

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