Harry Potter Ships?

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Welcome prospective Potterheads!!! I welcome you to learn whether or not you are indeed a member of the exclusive Harry Potter fandom! Just answer the questions and be enlightened :)

Are you Harry potter obsessed? I know I am, now It's time for you o figure out how obsessed you are with the harry potter series and all things Potterhead!

Created by: flyer586
  1. (Sorry I messed up the title of this quiz! I meant to call it "How obsessed with Harry potter are you") Have you read all of the books?
  2. Have you read fantastic beasts and where to find them?
  3. Have you read Quidditch Through The ages?
  4. How many times have you read the series?
  5. Do you own multiple copies of the books?
  6. Do you dress up as characters from the books and wear the costumes out in public? Me: *raises hand slowly*
  7. Have you ever attempted to convince a friend to read the books?
  8. Do you have an unusual attraction to one of the characters that may not seem particularly attractive to most others?
  9. Did you notice the "wand order" mistake in The Goblet of Fire film?
  10. Have you read Harry Potter fanfiction?
  11. Have you seen all of the films?
  12. Do you own all of the films?
  13. Were you irritated by slight alterations in the films?
  14. Have you ever written Harry Potter fanfiction?
  15. Do you go on Harry Potter websites?
  16. Are you a shipper?
  17. Have you been part of a Harry Potter RPG?
  18. Have you ever written a fanfiction dedicated to a single ship?
  19. This is almost done, I promise :)
  20. Do you own other HP merchandise?
  21. Have you had Harry Potter related dreams?
  22. Have you had Harry Potter related dreams?
  23. Have you made HP fanart?
  24. Have you named teachers after Hogwarts professors?
  25. Have you played Muggle Quidditch?
  26. Bous point question!!!! Do you like Professor Snape?

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