is he cheating on you??

there are many people who have non cheating boyfriends but little don't have that this quiz will help you A LOT please take this quiz as many times as you want.

Is you boy friend cheating on you or do you think he is cheating in you? well this quiz can help you take it as many times as you want take this quiz and see your results when your done!

Created by: amazon of does he cheat??
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  1. when a girl is at the door does he say "i will get it!" before you even say a word?
  2. does he answer when you call??
  3. does he cancel your dates for something different?
  4. do you see him talk to girls everyday at school or at work or some place?
  5. does he hang out with you less
  6. is he on the phone talking like when he is on the phone with you?
  7. is he ever around?
  8. does he spend a little bit of time with you?
  9. always leave when he is talking to a girl?
  10. what is your age?

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