Are You Fat Quiz?

look their are lots of people that are fat chubby or just couch potatoes. so if you really want to see if you are one of them you should take this quiz and whatever it says you need to believe because you may need to get help.

are you fat o are you to skinny to take the quiz .this quiz lets you know what you should do about your weight because you u may need to get serious help from a doctor.

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  1. can you see your toes when you stand up straight and look down?
  2. do u think you are fat without other peoples opinion?
  3. try to do 10 sit ups.. did you do this and could you do it?
  4. do others think you are fat?
  5. look in a mirror what do u think of yourself?
  6. did you have a family with a big appetite?
  7. how many plates do u eat at a buffet?
  8. how many times do u eat a day?
  9. do u ever exercise besides at school or on the job?
  10. are you ready to really see if u are fat?

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