How Well Do You Know Me?

the new dog park is not for dogs, do not let your dogs into the dog park. the new dog park is not for humans, do not go into the dog park. do not approach the dog park, do not think about the dog park.

wow you wanna know about me because i'm awesome okay that's cool don't get a bad answer and if you're in doubt don't choose the first or the last answer

Created by: Selena112

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  1. Which combination makes my first and middle name?
  2. Which of these bands/artists do I dislike?
  3. What color hair do I have?
  4. What year am I as of April 2014?
  5. Which of these do I dislike doing?
  6. What's my favorite food?
  7. Where do I live?
  8. What's my favorite genre of music?
  9. What's my least favorite genre of music?
  10. What gender do I like?
  11. How long have I been on this website?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?