South Park Quiz

South Park is an original adult cartoon by comedy central... It's a very popular show and it's really good, though kinda offensive to some people... But there is only one true kind of fan... ARE YOU A TRUE FAN OF SOUTH PARK?????

Okay, if you don't get a high score here you're not an untrue fan, because some questions are really random, so yeah, but to make it more intense sounding... DO YOU WANT TO SEE IF YOU'RE A REAL FAN TO THIS HUMUROUS SHOW??? WELL, TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT THE CORRECTY ANSWER THAT I HAD PREVIOUSLY ASKED YOU IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEKING THE TOTALLY CORRECT ANSWER TO IT!!!!

Created by: Spinny

  1. How much times did Kenny die?
  2. What color is Token's shirt?
  3. How much spikes of hair does Butters have?
  4. When was the first south park movie released?
  5. What color is Stan's hair?
  6. What is Kenny's last name?
  7. What is Mint-berry crunch's name?
  8. which colors are eric's hat?
  9. Which state is South Park in?
  10. Which episode did chef leave?
  11. How much episodes do most seasons have?
  12. what does the show call their "pokemon"?

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