Are you obsessed with Romance?

In this world, people look for love. So do I! We are human. But, are we obsessed? Or are we desperate? Or, maybe, just right in the middle? In this crazy and socially-stressful world people tend to worry and get obsessed with romance and love. Do you?

In this quiz, you will be asked questions that will test how much you need romance, want it, or don't care about it. This quiz will help you with your love life also. Such, realizing things you haven't before. So, take the quiz, and find out: Are you obsessed with romance?

Created by: amazon

  1. How much do you love romance films/ or books?
  2. What is the est scene in a romance movie?
  3. Would you rather read:
  4. Do you have a boyfriend/ or girlfriend?
  5. Is your relationship good?
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Would you rather...
  8. How are you liking this quiz so far? :)
  9. To continue, if you were asked to watch a movie would you see:
  10. Do you like guys/ or girls who are:
  11. What are you going to change about yourself after you find your results?

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with Romance?