Are You Obsessed?

Many people have crushes. Especially teenagers in high school. But how do you know if your becoming or already are obsessed with them? Take this quiz to find out!

Are YOU obsessed? Do you find yourself always constantly in your crushes business? Do you think is getting out of hand? Or would you like to know if your becoming obsessed? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Jazryn

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  1. How often do you check your crushes facebook page?
  2. When your with your friends you...
  3. Your notebook/diary is filled with...
  4. How often do you look at your crush?
  5. How often do you text/call him
  6. When your alone you often..
  7. When you think about your crush you...
  8. If you couldnt see your crush for a week you would feel...
  9. When your crush talks to another girl/boy you get..
  10. Your crush calls you, you...

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Quiz topic: Am I Obsessed?