are you obsessed with cheese?

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there are many different types of cheese. you should take this quiz if you love cheese. it just might give you some very good dreams of cheese island tonight!!

are you obsessed with cheese? i am. if your friends and/or family love cheese, and/ or say that you are obsessed with it, take this quiz to make sure. if you are lactose intolerant, so am i and i'm obsessed. its no problem. well, it kinda is but well.. just please take my cheese obsession quiz.

Created by: cheese1234

  1. when you think cheese, what do you think?
  2. how do you feel about eating cheese?
  3. what is your favorite letter?
  4. yellow
  5. mac and cheese
  6. rain
  7. okay... how about pizza?
  8. what's a good snack?
  9. what is your favorite number out of the following?
  10. mouth _______
  11. cheesebye!!

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Quiz topic: Am I obsessed with cheese?