What EOS lip balm are you?

There are many EOS flavors in the world and many people obsessed with them. But, many of those people obsessed with them use all the different flavors, and don't know which is truly them!

Which EOS flavor are you? Are you happy and calm, or kind but sort of emotional? Up until this very moment you could only wonder. But now you have the chance to find out the truth in just minutes! Take the quiz and get accurate results!

Created by: Hope
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  1. Uh-oh! Your younger brother spills orange juice onto your very fancy $100 shirt! What do you do?
  2. Your BFF has a huge problem. Who does she go to?
  3. You and your friends get... DETENTION? What is your first thought?
  4. Oh, no! You overslept and now you're going to be late for work/school!! What do you do?
  5. Your mom booked you to a summer camp to improve something you're not the best at. What is it?
  6. You are shopping for clothes. What color shirt catches your eye while scanning the isle?
  7. There is a HUGE test tomorrow that is 15% of your grade!! Where are you studying (assuming it's a weekend where you have nothing to do)?
  8. Imagine a restaurant with every single food you can imagine! What do you eat and who do you invite to go with you?
  9. What sport do you play?
  10. What is your dream drink?

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Quiz topic: What EOS lip balm am I?