Which EOS lip balm flavor are you?

Are you super girly? Sporty? Fun? Well, this quiz is for you! By taking this quiz, you will find out what EOS lip balm flavor you are. The possible flavors you could be are: Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Tangerine, and Pomegranate Raspberry.

Want to find out what flavor YOU are? Then take my quiz! Are you fun and flirty? Shy and quiet? Girly and gossipy? Based on your personality, you can figure out what EOS flavor you would be if you were a...well, an EOS lip balm! Good luck and have fun!

Created by: Katelynn
  1. What is your ideal boyfriend like?
  2. Out of these six names, what would you want your name to be if you didn't have the one you have now?
  3. If you could paint your room any color you wanted, what color would it be?
  4. Which clothing item sounds most like you?
  5. What would you most likely be doing on a regular weekend?
  6. Do you like the beach or the mall better?
  7. About how many people would you invite to a party?
  8. What's your favorite sport?
  9. Are you insecure about yourself?
  10. Do you have any pets? If so, select ONE of them below that you have (the first one you see, if you have more than one).

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Quiz topic: Which EOS lip balm flavor am I?