What Flavor of Gum Are You?

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With all the yummy gum flavors out there, how do you know which flavor YOU are? Take this quiz to find out whether you are... Banana Gum - Stride SHIFT Flavor Changing Gum - Green Apple gum - or Bubble Gum

Take this super fun and insightful quiz to find out, and discover knowledge you'll never know how you lived without! OOH, I can rhyme! Anyway, Take the quiz, and discover what flavor YOU are!

Created by: Kwizzle
  1. On a Friday night, what can you be found doing?
  2. Which of the following fictional radio stations would you be most likely to tune in to?
  3. Pick the word that best describes your personality:
  4. What is you're favorite color?
  5. What's you're favorite (nonalcoholic) summer drink?
  6. How do you like to keep your toenails during sandal season?
  7. Lipgloss:
  8. In your spare time you like to...
  9. If your life was a movie it would be...
  10. What flavor do YOU think you are?
  11. Are you ready to know your flavor of gum? Can you face the knowledge that you may have been chewing the wrong flavor for your personality type for YEARS?!?

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Quiz topic: What Flavor of Gum am I?