What instrument would best fit you

Thank you for taking my test and hope you liked what you got! Please post comments like my test and have friends take it! I play the clarinet and Im in 7th Grade this is my second year in band I hate my teacher but I like 2 of my band teachers because there awesome and cool I practice every day have lots of air which means Strong lungs and organs!

To be in preccusion you have to have played piano for 3 years or more I played the piano Flute clarinet saxophone and more if you didn't like my test back off there is nothing wrong with it so u can't report even if I put U instead of YOU back off Amd enjoy your life while you haunt because I'd you waste life on judging people and things your wasting your life time.

Created by: amazon
  1. How long can you hold your breath? ( time yourself or have someone Or something time you before you answer this question to be sure )
  2. Do you already play and instrument?
  3. Are you in high school or middle school?
  4. What grade are you in?
  5. When you go swimming how long can you usually stay under water?
  6. In your sleep do u breath thrOugh tour mouth nose or both
  7. How often to you get sick get colds or get allergies?
  8. Out of the instruments I'm gonna put in order what one would u best like to Play?
  9. Has anyone in your family ever played an Instrameant at all even for a week?
  10. Is your family a deep breathed family?
  11. Do u think you'll get a cool instrument
  12. Would you have time to practice your instrument?

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