Which Orchestra Instrument Are You?

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This quiz is seeing which STRING instrument you are most compatible with. Do you float by unnoticed like the viola? Or do you stand out in the crowd like the violin? Take the quiz to find out!

This quiz is only about the four string instruments in the orchestra; I think that they get overlooked sometimes. Well I'm here to spread the word about how important and amazing they are!

Created by: _ViolaLover_

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  1. What kind of sounds do you like in music?
  2. Do you prefer big and noticeable or small and subtle?
  3. Do you like to sing the melody or the chorus in songs?
  4. Do you follow the crowd or do you like to go your own way?
  5. Is your personality bold, timid, or somewhere in the middle?
  6. Do you have long fingers or short?
  7. Which name sounds cooler?
  8. Do you like working together more or doing things yourself?
  9. How close do you think you would need to be to the conductor?
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz. WARNING: I tried to make this accurate, but it may not be. Please don't forget to comment and rate!

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Quiz topic: Which Orchestra Instrument am I?