How well do you know music?

there are many people in this world who play instrument if you do take this quiz and find out if it is worth playing yur instrument you should difinetly keep playing it

are you a music expert do you play an instrument do ya huh well take this quiz to find out i hope you take it and get a high score maybe you will gat a 100 i hope you do

Created by: cynthia

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  1. when reading music in the beginning of then staff there are numbers what are they called?
  2. when reading piano music the clef signs are called.....
  3. when playing the piano what are the black keys called?
  4. which set of instruments aren't real (there may be some actually real instruments in the group)
  5. which of these is the biggest orchestra instrument
  6. how many lines are there on a music staff
  7. is a tuba an instrument?
  8. is a flute an instrument?
  9. is a makick an instrument?
  10. how many strings does a violin have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know music?