What Musci Speaks For You??

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I really like music... i have no fav.. but i like techno and soul better....but thats just me..are you ready to see what yours is?? this test is to find what music is for you..take it..

Do you wanna see what music speaks for you?? well here is your chance! Take this quiz..and find..your music!! i bet if u tried it..you will be happy with the result :)

Created by: Alex

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you depressed on any way, Shape or form?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Do you like to dance??
  4. Peanut butter is yummy :))))
  5. Do you like to laugh or smile??
  6. Blood taste good...
  7. i really dont know what to ask..... hahaha
  8. whats your fav music??? out of these...
  9. Do you like to..party hardy... or stay at home??
  10. I WOVE MUSIC!!

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