turn the music up!

music music music music music music i think it might be the best thing in the world! Do YOU like music as much as i do? well well well then! looks like we have a taker!

Well if you are still reading this thing you really must love music. it really is soul food, man!! so, i recommend you take the quix-quiz and get it done!

Created by: gizelle

  1. what is the most common volume for car music?
  2. who is the most popular rap group?
  3. how many songs does a person listen to every day average?
  4. at what age to most people go deaf due to loud music?
  5. what is the most popular song?
  6. What is the least common musical instrument?
  7. How many words are in the average song?
  8. how popular is justin beiber?
  9. did nikki manash win a music award?
  10. What is the most popular instrument for classical music?

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