what kind of guy do you suit?

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this quiz is to help people find the guy that you are looking for! if you want to find the kind of guy that you are best suited to then this is the quiz for u!

take this quiz and remember to tell the truth! you will get a truthful result and it will help you get one step closer to finding mister right so go ahead!

Created by: amazon

  1. its your first date going out with this guy you really like! you decide to go to
  2. what would attract you to a guy the most?
  3. what is the chat-up line that you would love the most?
  4. choose one valentines gift...
  5. what do you want to do the most?
  6. what means more than a guys looks?
  7. you like guys who aren't afraid to...
  8. your dream guy is...
  9. do u like this quiz?
  10. go home :) gawjuss

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Quiz topic: What kind of guy do I suit?