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  • Dog breed selector quiz (what dog should you get)

    Your Result: Bulldog (English) 85%

    Bulldogs are stubborn and independent dogs, that tend to be hard to train sometimes, but shouldn't be a problem if you are patient and can approach the Bulldog without frustration if you can't get them to do a command correctly. Yes, if you are not-so active, and prefer to stay at home most of the time, a Bulldog is also a good choice. When walking your bulldog, keep at it's pace, and should be walked as far as the it can go. If you walk the Bulldog to long, or when the sun is too warm, this can cause severe breathing problems and sometimes death if not careful. Grooming should be a breeze. Once a week brushing is good enough. Bulldogs can sometimes be dog-aggressive, but that can be avoided if socialized well.


  • Whippets are probably the best dog for a first-time dog owner. They have very short, single layered fur, so they don't shed much, and also grooming only once a week! They may seem like a dog you need to walk 24/7, but actually 45 minutes a day will suffice! Training is moderately easy, but only basics should be taught, not too advanced tricks and techniques. They are far from aggressive, and are friendly with strangers if trained to be polite with them! The warning note for a Whippet is that they can easily break a bone in puppyhood if not supervised, or if running to fast off-lead, they could easily bump in to things, causing bone damage.

    German Shepherd 77%
    Beagle 74%
    Great Dane 74%
    Chihuahua 73%
    Terrier 73%
    Labrador/G olden Retriver 72%
    Papillon 70%
    Husky/Mala mute 68%

    i think it is odd i got this. i am far from a beginner. i have owned dogs my whole life, and my step sister is crappy with them, she takes their toys, she teased my beagle so much, she is not very good at her basic commands, like come. and she cant stay patient, gentle, and calm enough to walk the old, but strong and very well trained black lab cross shepard. so, the last few times we walked the dogs, i ended up taking the strong, fast hyper beagle, AND the strong, slowish, independently minded lab. wonderful, isn't it?

    its fine that i don't have a ton of time for walking the dogs between school, homework, gymnastics, friends, and other things, but they don't care! my beagle wont be walked for weeks, and then i walk her for fifteen minutes, and she

  • I got a German Shepherd. I actually begged my parents to let me get a dog since I was seven years old and when I was eleven, I was finally allowed to get one but I had to save all the money first. I ended up making $250 in six months after my mom agreed to pay for half of my dog, and after six months, I finally got him and discovered he was perfect for me. I've had my boy for over a year and I love him so much

  • I have 3 2 small and 1 big I was pretty much wondering about more of when I am an adult I was thinking 2 poodles and then them having puppies and letting my future kids keep a girl one and then a pug and shih Tzu inside also a golden retriever outside with my poodles

  • and the weeks bit was from moving and winter, i don't by any means take away exercise time for stupid reasons. if its too hot or i walked her a long time the day before, that's fine. she shouldn't be outside when its 30 degrees for a walk! and if i walked her a long time the day before, she doesn't mind, it means more energy and time to explore on the next walk

  • husky i

  • 100% Whippet yay Whippet rule

  • but whippits are ugly as **U**************************************************************************


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