Do you know Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Many love Percy Jackson. Many have read the books and do Percy Jackson themed things, and they daydream about being a demigod just like Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia.

Here's your chance to show what you know. Show me what you know about Percy Jackson. Most of the questions are about Gods, and they are all very easy. Enjoy!

Created by: amazon

  1. Who are Percy's best friends?
  2. Who was the Lightening Thief?
  3. Who is Percy's Godly parent?
  4. Who is Annabeth's Godly parent?
  5. Who is Thalia's Godly parent?
  6. Who is Clarisse's Godly parent?
  7. Who is Grover's Godly parent?
  8. Who are the Big 3?
  9. Who is Zeus's dad?
  10. Who are Atremis's children?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Percy Jackson and the Olympians?