Do you REALLY know Percy Jackson?

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Very few people have the I.Q. as big as mine in one subject. That subject is the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians". Full of complicated names and tragic deaths, you can get easily confused.

Will you be the FIRST one to be as smart as me? Do you have the KNOWLEDGE to outsmart me at my own game? Take this quiz that will require all of your memory to succeed.

Created by: Shannon Delahanty
  1. In "The Titan's Curse", how was Annabeth kidnapped?
  2. In the final book,why did Percy not become a God?
  3. In book one, how did Percy know that Grover was lieing about Mrs.Dodds?
  4. During Percys trip through the Sea of Monsters, he was turned into what animal by potion?
  5. When Grover met the great god Pan,what was the name of the Dodo bird pecking Pans legs?
  6. How many campers were there when Percy did a head count before the war in the last book?
  7. What is Tyson's battle cry?
  8. What animal gave Tyson the scars on his back?
  9. What type of horse is Chiron from the waist down?
  10. In book three, what kind of chains were Artemis taken away in?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know Percy Jackson?