Do you know Spongebob

there are many people that think they are a true fantic of SpongeBob but they are just bluffing their hearts out. to be a fantic you need to know all the big and tiny details of the show and characters.

do you think YOU are a fantic of SpongeBob? Do you spend the day thinking about watching the show or playing the games??well now you can find out thanks to this amazeballs quiz. Find out if your a true fantic of the truly amazing SpongeBob Squarepants

Created by: amazon

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  1. Where do spongebob live?
  2. Did Spongebob Have a Drive Lisence Before?
  3. Who Made A Tv Proggrame Then It Turned Into A Party?
  4. Who Turned Royal
  5. Did Patrick Ever Worked Before?
  6. How Many Wishes Did Happpen?
  7. Mr.Krabs Stoled Food For Pearl Who Are The People That mr.Krabs Stole Them?
  8. What Is The Thing Spongebob Made To Make A Krabby Patty Like Million One?
  9. Does Patrick Have A Drive License
  10. In''Bubble Stand'' How Many mONEY you HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY WITH BUBBLES

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