Scouse or not scouse?

I have nothing to declare - except my genius, declared the well known Liverpudlian Oscar O' Wild. The IQ level of the average scouser is exceptionally high, but high wind has blown some of it away.

Are you the real deal SCOUSE? Are you not really a scouse but a make believe pretend one? You know the sort of media type who lives in Islington and tries to be working class but really went to Harrow and earns way too much dollar. Take the test and prove your worth.

Created by: amazon

  1. Penny Lane is in which part of Liverpool?
  2. Lob Skouse is what?
  3. John Lennon's secondary school was?
  4. Militant was what?
  5. Otterspool was something all Liverpool people knew as the...
  6. What year was the first Mersey road Tunnel opened?
  7. Liverpool was given a royal charter by
  8. The Catholic the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was designed by Frederick Gibberd after the Second World War. it is affectionaly known as
  9. Liverpool was the home port of which navy?
  10. Who said ''Liverpool is the pool of life''?

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