would i date you? (guys only)

i was just bored i doubt anyone on here has anything in common with me but it sure be cool if you did (that's a country song by blake shelton) thanks

a little bit about me- I live in sc i like country music my favorite show is wwe and duck dynasty on the weekend i like to fish or hunt my favorite singer is jason aldean my favorite song is shes country by jason aldean enough about me when u get done tell me about u in the comments

Created by: amazon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you popular or stuck up
  2. for our first date where would we go?
  3. would u go hunting with me?
  4. would u go hunting with me?
  5. do u like country music?
  6. every where i go no mater where i always where a tshirt bluejeans and boots would u be embarrassed?
  7. i love to go muddin on my four wheeler every time it rains would u go with me?
  8. are u a city boy
  9. i pretty much ran out of questions but do u like my quiz
  10. will u comment
  11. i have other quizes if u like this one u should take my other ones 2

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