Would I date u or be your gf?

Maybe you're single? Maybe u just dont care about your girlfriend. I know I'm awesome? U might think you're awesome. But do i think you're awesome? awesome enough to date me and be my bf?

take this quiz to find out. btw we're not actually going to date even if this quiz says were soul mates. im just wondering. we will not actually date!

Created by: irisleeeee of Would I date you?
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how smart are u?
  2. what's your hair color
  3. what kind of clothes do u wear to school
  4. personality
  5. school social sterotype
  6. what kind of music do u like
  7. fav food?
  8. would u cheat on me? BE HONEST
  9. did u lie in the last question
  10. if i dumped or cheated on u what would ur reaction be
  11. how good looking your face is
  12. this one sounds mean but hey i gotta know....how rich/poor are u

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Quiz topic: Would I date u or be my gf?