How Frugally Awesome Are You?

Are you a frugal, coupon clipping master? Find out with the "How Frugally Awesome Are You? quiz! Created by a frugally awesome blogger, this quiz will reveal how much of a saver you really are!

Who is more frugal, you or your significant other? Your mother? Find out with, "How Frugally Awesome Are You?. Developed by a top frugal blogger. Good luck!

Created by: debtkid

  1. Grab your receipts from last week. How much did you save off your total grocery/drugstore bill?
  2. When it comes to grocery shopping, do you...
  3. Where do you buy your clothes?
  4. For your mother's birthday, you...
  5. When preparing for a big purchase, you...
  6. Which best describes the last time you went out to eat with your family?
  7. Who cuts your family's hair?
  8. How long could your family live off your stockpile?
  9. Where do you keep your credit cards?
  10. You just got a promotion and raise at work! How do you celebrate?

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Quiz topic: How Frugally Awesome am I?