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Take this quiz and get a coupon this is for Zayfireadopt members. You must be a member to get the prize. Note you can become a member to take part in it. Once you got your coupon post which one you got on Mr.Pumpkin's page

Which Coupon will you get? Not telling which get you what that would make it un fun come on don't be lazy. And don't ask. you shall receive your prize once they are all uploaded. That way no one will know what Coupon gets you what.

Created by: sarah of this site
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  1. How Many Adoptable do you have from Zayfire adopts?
  2. What Type of Species do you like?
  3. Whats The Best NPC
  4. Whats The Best Element (That's Listed)
  5. What Type of Adoptable DO you like best
  6. What type of quest do you like?
  7. What do you not like about Zayfire adopts?
  8. Whats The best part about Halloween
  9. If You could have one of the restricted species which would you wan't?
  10. Where would you wan't to live if you were a questor in zayfire adopts.
  11. What do you value most
  12. Attack Vs Wisdom which do you believe is more important
  13. Which Species do you wan't Lineart to be made of?
  14. What do you like best
  15. What is the best type of creatures
  16. What is your goal
  17. What do you like best
  18. The best thing about zayfireadopt
  19. What do you like eating most

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