Would I Date You? 2.0

Dating is something strange in our life, having a date or being in a relationship is a huge milestone for girls and even guys during their few teenage years.

Would I Date You? Do we have the same likes, and opinions? Until now you can only wonder, but thanks to me you have a chance to have your answer. In a minute or two you will find out!

Created by: batman12506
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. What Do You Prefer To Do For Fun?
  3. What Is Most Important In A Relationship?
  4. What's Your Best Trait? (In Your Mind)
  5. Would You Love Me For Me?
  6. I'm A Little Weird, Is That Okay?
  7. I Tend To Lean Towards Having A Perverted Mind, But Can Grow Serious In Seconds Flat. What About You?
  8. Ideal First Date?
  9. Do You Like Animals?
  10. How Do You Feel About Life?
  11. How Do You Feel About Nature/Outside?
  12. I've Gone Through A Lot Of Challenges Through Life, Would You Help Me Conquer Them?

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