Can you date me? (guys only please!)

I am a brunette, thin, athletic girl with light grey-turquoise eyes. I am 14, so if youre older, please don't take this and be a pedo. I am kind, and really prefer personality over looks.

I love music and play violin and I do percussion. Meaning in the layman's terms, I bang on stuff. Professionally. I do like to draw, but it's mainly dragons, wolves, and me and my friends.

Created by: TheGirlNextDoor

  1. Hair color?
  2. Do you read?
  3. I'm upset. What do you do?
  4. How old?
  5. We are at a carnival! What do you want to ride?
  6. I have certain standards like no drinking, no drugs, and no sex.
  7. We are watching a movie and I get all emotional. You?
  8. You get to choose the activity!
  9. What eye color should a girl have?
  10. How do you like a girl to dress?

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Quiz topic: Can I date me? (guys only please!)