Maybe Hogwarts Isn't So Easy After All... Part 3

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Hey guys sorry I haven't gotten this out in a while! I can't wait to see what you think so don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10! Thanks so much guys! Love y'all!

This goes from year 3 to 8 because of course year 1 and 2 is too young to date! We're gonna take some twists, turns and unexpected dives, so strap on your seat belt and get ready for one heck of a ride.

Created by: Freeze

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  1. *Recap* Every time you try and talk to Oliver Cedric always seems to come and whisk him away, you had to sit next to Drapes in potions class and Harry and Ron were late. You had to make a Herbicide Potion with Drapes and you were bossing him around. You had a little conversation in what I guess you can call a cone of silence and he told you about him and his father. You got angry and had a go at him. The potion worked perfectly and you met Cormac McLaggen. He basically ignored you and you walked out of the classroom to face the twins and Peeves, none of which would be quiet. We found out that you have a deal with Peeves and a secret that you'd quite like to keep and you went to your next subject. Got it?
  2. I arrived to Transfiguration fifteen minutes late. I opened the door and stepped into the classroom, right when they were in the middle of something. There was a teacher there that I don't remember having seen before and a cat on the table. Then the cat sneezed as I tried to discreetly slip into any available seat. "Nice to see you finally decided to grace us with your presence Ms _______," the professor said. "Sorry I'm late," I offered but she ignored it. "I'm not your actual professor, just a stand in because Professor McGonagall is sick," she gestured towards the cat. "Nice to meet you," I said and I heard a few snickers. "We were in the middle of a game; would you like to join in?" "Sure?" I answered; feeling like something strange was going to happen. "It's called; don't get eaten by the shark." Suddenly the whole room filled with water and there were sharks swimming everywhere and-
  3. I woke up to everyone laughing at me. "This is transfiguration class not nap time at pre-school Ms. _______," Professor McGonagall said to me as Drapes- who was right next to me- was beside himself with laughter. "Sorry Professor," I apologized. "Well make sure it doesn't happen again," she said as the laughter died down. "It's just that we never do anything interesting really," I said truthfully. "Excuse me?" Professor McGonagall's voice raised a few octaves. "Not that I don't find you extremely fascinating Professor, no sarcasm intended at all, I am telling the truth here. We're in third year and I still feel like I'm getting taught first year basics." "Well thank you for having the guts to tell the truth Ms. _________, I can put you in another class if you have a free time slot. "Believe it or not I actually have one after lunch," I told her. "Great, I have my fourth years after lunch, I'll transfer you to that class and hopefully it won't cause too many troubles with your schedule," she informed me. "Thank you Professor, I have a feeling you'll be one of the better Professors I see at the front of the room this year." "Sucking up are we _______," Drapes taunted. "No. I always pride myself on being brutally honest," I retorted. "Then you better get going shan't you Ms. _________," Professor McGonagall said, ignoring Drapes, "This isn't your class anymore." "Thank you Professor," I bowed as I stood up from my seat and since I'm one for dramatic exits I turned invisible so everyone would think I teleported. Which actually, I can do that- well it was actually more of a, I can disappear in one place and show up in another place but oh well- but I wanted to see their faces. "Bloody 'ell that was bloody brilliant!" I heard Ron shout across the room. "Hush your mouth Mr. Weasley!" was the last thing I heard before I disappeared and reappeared in the courtyard.
  4. "So you got a free too?" I heard while I was taking deep breaths of the morning air with my eyes closed. "Yep," I opened my eyes and found Cedric sitting on the end of the bench right next to my feet, which I had put up. "It is a nice day today isn't it," he said as he looked up at the fluffy white clouds. When I just continued to stare at him he turned to look at me. "I know, you’re probably kind of scared about the whole me being normal thing." Well yea but that was only part of the reason I was staring at him but I wasn't about to tell him that and inflate his massive ego. "It is kind of weird," I admitted. "I'm only usually like that when I'm with the guys so don't get used to me being like this because I'm around them most of the time." "Why does that always happen?" I thought and then realized I had said it out loud. "What always happens?" "That guys always act different from who they actually are when they're with their mates." "I guess that's true enough," he admitted. We sat there for a while before he finally talked again, "Besides, it's not every day that you get to talk to a hot chick without the guys around." "Flattery will get you nowhere Hufflepuff," I retorted. "You know you don't have to put on an act for me Cedric," I whispered. "Really," he turned and looked at me intensely. "Really," I answered. He was still looking at me and we stayed like that for a while until an owl came down and dropped a letter in his lap. "You've got mail Hufflepuff," I said and looked away from him first. I heard him open his letter and I looked back at him. "What is it Hufflepuff, another declaration of love from Matilda Hovanger?" I mocked. Matilda was in my Defense Against The Dark Arts class and she had a major crush on Cedric. I recently found out that she declared her undying love for him in a letter once a week. "As much as I love those letters it's not from her and I don't think it's for me," he said. "She should learn not to inflate your ego so much, it makes you annoying," I said as he handed me the letter. "Why did you give this to me?" I asked as I looked at the letter but I didn't need an answer. 'Sleeping with the sharks today were we Ms. ________.' They didn't sign their name but they didn't need to. The letter dropped to the ground and I started shaking but i wasn't cold. "_______, _______ what's going on? Are you alright? What's happening? Do you need to go to the nurse?" he was asking me all these questions but I couldn't even hear him anymore. "Cedric, what did you do to her?!" I heard someone shout but nothing else was heard in my ears.
  5. When I finally became aware of the real world I had people coming and swarming around me on the bench. I looked down to see the letter had been trampled and I was glad. "Everyone, she's alright, she just needs some space so go!" I heard Cedric shout. "What happened to her, what did you do?!" I heard Harry shout at him. "Nothing, nothing, don't worry about it," Cedric tried to calm him but he was riled up. "If I find out that you've done something to her you'll be sorry Diggory!" he shouted. "I-It's fine Harry," I stammered. "I'm ok, Hufflepuff didn't do anything," I reassured him while discreetly picking up the letter without anyone noticing. "You better not have," Harry raged at Cedric and I put my hand on his shoulder, "Harry I'm fine!" I cheerfully told him. Well, I faked being cheery but what else could I do? I walked away and brushed past Cedric, "Are you ok?" he whispered. "What happened is our little secret Cedric, no one else has to know what was in that letter," I whispered back to him. "Of course," he whispered. "Good," I replied and walked towards the common room. When I arrived I said the password and slipped into the common room. I tossed the letter into the fire and watched as it blackened and smoked. I departed from the common room and walked away from that foul smoke.
  6. I was walking into the dining hall when I knocked into someone who had stopped walking in front of me. "Hey dude, stop blocking up the walkway," I said in a not so polite tone to the person. "Sorry," they muttered and turned around to face me as I looked up. It was Oliver... "I heard what happened earlier, are you ok?" "Is that the only thing that can come out of people's mouths these days? I'm fine, do I look like I'm about to have a mental breakdown? No, I don't think so, so just leave it!" I walked away without a backwards glance. I felt kind of bad but I couldn't take it back now. I sat myself down next to Neville and he glanced at me. A smile brightened up his face, it was kind of contagious because the next thing I know there's a smile on my face too. "So I heard you moved up to fourth year Transfiguration," he said. "Yea," I confirmed. I actually wanted to hug him for trying to take my mind off the incident, "So you're smart?" "I guess," I shrugged my shoulders and I couldn't hold it back, I hugged him. "Maybe I should call you smart more often," he suggested. "Thanks Neville," was the only answer I gave him. "No problem?" I grabbed an apple and headed to class as the bell went.
  7. I walked into the classroom while giving a thumbs up to Professor McGonagall. She smiled back at me and I think we're going to be great friends. I sat in the only available seat without even looking at the person next to me. Everyone was looking at me, "What's a third year doing in this class?" someone asked. "Oh it's ________!" "Are you in this class?" "I thought you were a third year!" "I think she is Fred." "I think you're right George." "So what are you doing in this class?" "I heard third year stuff was too easy in Transfiguration." "I think that's enough commentary Mr. and Mr. Weasley," Professor McGonagall said to Fred and George. I winked at Fred and George and they blew me a kiss back. I let out a small chuckle and looked at Professor McGonagall again, "It's fine Professor, they're cool." "I don't care if they're cool Ms. _______, let's just get on with the lesson." "Understood Prof," I replied. "Today I am going to demonstrate how to transform into an animal with an incantation," she said, starting the lesson. "Easy," I said under my breath but she still seemed to have heard me. "If it's so easy Ms. ______ would you like to show us." "Sure Prof," I answered and went up to the front. "Behold," I said while fanning my hands out like I was a magician. I brought my wand out and said the incantation in my head instead of out loud but while out loud saying, "Ala Kazaam!" Next thing they knew I was a parrot. It was one of my favorite transformations, you'll find out why later. I flew onto Professor McGonagall’s desk and surveyed the classroom. "A parrot? That's the best you can do?" I heard from the back of the room. It was Cormac McLaggen, he was the guy I was supposed to be sitting next to. I flew over to him and settled on his head. I looked down at him and squawked, "A parrot? That's the best you can do?" I imitated, everyone started laughing. "That's not funny," he said but I just repeated. He tried to grab at me but I just flew out of his reach, "Don't mess with me McLaggen," I squawked and left a little present on his head. It wasn't the most polite thing to do but I'm a parrot at the moment. I could do what I wanted. "Oh gross!" I flew over to Fred and George's desk and let them stroke my feathers, "Who's a pretty birdy?" they said. I squawked and flew over to Professor McGonagall's desk again. "I think you should maybe transform into something else to give them a better demonstration Ms. _______," Professor McGonagall suggested. "Sure thing Prof," I squawked. I transformed back into a human and twirled my wand in my hand as I sat on the desk, "How are you feeling McLaggen?" I asked him and he just scowled at me. "I don't like being ignored," I told him as I transformed into a cat and back into a human. "You probably want the incantation don't you Prof?" "If you please Ms. _______." "Alrighty then." In said the incantation out loud and then I turned into a unicorn, "A unicorn? Typical for a girl," McLaggen shouted out. "Hey that's my sister you jerk!" Caden shouted out at McLaggen.
  8. So I decided to give everyone something to obsess about. "A unicorn? Typical for a girl," I said and everyone turned from the boys to look at me and many jaws dropped to the floor, including Prof's. "Do you like my little party trick?” I asked but I wasn't me anymore, I had transformed myself into McLaggen, "But only seriously advance wizards can do that," Professor McGonagall said. "I wasn't kidding when I said Matrian was more advanced than Hogwarts," I said, "And I'm more advanced than most people there too," I concluded. I transformed back into myself and sat at the desk next to McLaggen, "Beat that McLaggen," although I might not have whispered that in such a nice manner. He just grunted and ignored me. "Ms. ________ can you see me after class?" "Sure prof," I said and listened closely as she gave us all a lecture on the incantations used in transfiguration. After class while everyone else filed out I stayed behind and walked up to Prof's desk. "You wanted to see me," I felt like I was going to get in trouble or something. "Would you like to be my assistant?" she asked. "Excuse me?" I said, I didn't think I had heard right. "Since you obviously don't have much else that you need to learn in this area, in this period would you help me teach. Be my assistant I suppose you would say." "That'd be great!" I said. "Great, I will get you out a new schedule by tomorrow at breakfast." "Thanks Prof," I said and she dismissed me. Well that was an interesting class...
  9. Well I'm gonna leave it there. I hoped you like it and hopefully I'll get the next one out sooner rather than later. Also, the next book sneak peek is LOST IN TIME!
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