Would I Date You (Boys Only)

Dating is a very common thing. But you need to find the right woman or man to date. Wondering if I like you? Once you take this quiz you will know if I do!

Do you think you're the one I need? Maybe I secretly love you even if IDK you. After doing this quiz you'll see how we actually get on without knowing each other!

Created by: Hello from the other side

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  1. Hi.
  2. What colour hair do you have (BtW I'm not American so yeah)?
  3. What colour eyes do you have? Naturally.
  4. What type of boy or man are you?
  5. How old are you?
  6. What do you do as a job?
  7. Let's kiss💖💋!
  8. If we do date where should we go?
  9. What's your fav. song?
  10. Last of all, do u like me?

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