could we date???:)for boys!

Welcome Hi I'm wendy :)...take my quiz and find out whether we match or not... This quiz is for only boys... I think you will like it... Have a nice day!!!!

Could we match?is it possible????take this quiz and find out... I think you will score great.... So let's rock guys.... Let's start the quiz... Best of luck!

Created by: wendy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi!!!
  2. Do u like sports?
  3. You are...
  4. You like...
  5. Where will we meet first...
  6. Are you good at studies?
  7. Who are you?
  8. Do u like music and dance?
  9. What's ur dream?
  10. Are you single?
  11. What is your favourite colour?
  12. This is my first quiz... What do u think about it?
  13. What do u want by relationship?
  14. You have...
  15. Do you like to do research in science?
  16. Do you enjoy travelling with bestie's????
  17. What your soulmate/gf get from you?
  18. Will you comment and rate??

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